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20 Heirloom southern snowdrop bulbs

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This listing was made for people who need more snowdrop bulbs (we have another listing with 10 bulbs). All the bulbs we are sending have bloomed this year, therefore should bloom next season. If any very small bulbs are included, they are either extra or counted as 0.5. Snowdrops are very easy to grow. They bloom even in shade.

4 reviews for 20 Heirloom southern snowdrop bulbs

  1. Robert

    looks good even with no flowers! good sale.

  2. Anita Morin

    I just planted them in soil, watered in a sunny spot, now just going to wait for them to bloom and blossom ^_^ <3

  3. Robert

    good looking irises! highly recommend seller.

  4. LandsWay YardArt

    I am so excited to plant these and enjoy next spring. Thank you!!!

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