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Hardneck Music Garlic Bulbils

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$2 per gram, 1 gram = about 50 bulbils

Selling the Music Garlic bulbils only. Seedling trays shown for demonstration of growth after 10 days.

Start your garlic crop this spring instead of waiting until the fall to plant cloves.

Bulbils are like seed, but not true seed. They are basically a miniature clone of the clove.

These will produce full garlic bulbs in 2-3 years. It’s a much faster method of producing a large amount of garlic than starting with cloves.

4 reviews for Hardneck Music Garlic Bulbils

  1. Christiana Mosorjak

    Perfect Fit does exactly what it’s supposed to do

  2. Steve

    Fits m18 perfect nice product

  3. Jacob

    Works as advertised. No issues.

  4. Paul Saunders

    Great quality and great service

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