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20 Wild Lupine Seed Bombs for Endangered Karner Blue Butterflies & Vital Pollinators | Spirit Bombs

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Preserve the Marvels of Nature

Step into the realm of ecological stewardship with our Wild Lupine Spirit Bombs, specially crafted to protect the delicate Karner Blue Butterflies. By incorporating these enchanting Spirit Bombs into your garden, you actively participate in preserving biodiversity and safeguarding the future of a critically endangered species.

Championing the Karner Blue Butterflies

The Karner Blue Butterflies are more than just ethereal beings; they are essential pollinators in their ecosystem. Unfortunately, their existence is at risk due to human impacts on their natural habitats. Choosing our Wild Lupine Spirit Bombs means standing together as advocates for these majestic creatures, helping to create a world where they can thrive once again.

A Symphony of Beauty and Purpose

An Enchanting Garden Symphony

Indulge your senses with the symphony of colors that our Wild Lupine Spirit Bombs bring to your garden. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, each Spirit Bomb orchestrates a breathtaking display, enticing not only the Karner Blue Butterflies but also an array of pollinators. Witness the dance of life and nature’s vibrant harmony right in your own backyard.

Beyond their conservation impact, these Spirit Bombs are exquisite works of art. Handcrafted with precision and care, they effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your garden. Adorn your outdoor space with these captivating pieces, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while making a profound difference.

Effortless Gardening for a Sustainable Future

Simple Steps to Making a Difference

Conservation shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s why our Wild Lupine Spirit Bombs are designed for effortless use. Just place them strategically in your garden, and let the magic unfold. As they dissolve, they release vital nutrients that not only support plant growth but also nourish the Karner Blue Butterflies, giving them the boost they need to thrive.

Here at the Global Warrior Project, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our Spirit Bombs are made from all-natural, eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your gardening practices align with your values. Join us in nurturing a greener tomorrow by choosing an eco-conscious solution that promotes a harmonious coexistence with nature.



Why are pollinators important?

Pollinators have been called humanity’s secret weapon in the fight against global warming. Here’s a piece of what the U.S Forest Service says about pollinators…

Without pollinators, the human race and all of earth’s ecosystems would not survive. Of the 1,400 crop plants grown around the world, i.e., those that produce all of our food and plant-based industrial products, almost 80% require pollination by animals.

Visits from bees, butterflies, and other critical pollinators result in larger, more flavorful fruits and higher crop yields. In the United States alone, the pollination of agricultural crops is valued at 10 billion dollars annually. Globally, pollination is valued at more than 3 trillion dollars.

More than 150 food crops in the U.S. depend on pollinators, including almost all fruit and grain crops.

More than half of the world’s diet of fats and oils comes from pollinated plants.

Virtually all of the world’s seed plants need to be pollinated. Pollen, seemingly insignificant yellow dust, is male plants’ reproductive cells, and is a vital link in the reproductive cycle in every natural ecosystem on earth.

With adequate pollination, all plants, and trees:

– Reproduce and produce enough seeds for dispersal and propagation

– Grow stronger and maximize the amount of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere

– Increase the quantity and quality of fruit they bear

– Maintain genetic diversity within the natural ecosystem

Pollinators are key to the reproduction of wild plants in our fragmented global landscape. Without them, existing populations of plants would decline; even if soil, air, nutrients, and other life-sustaining elements were available.

4 reviews for 20 Wild Lupine Seed Bombs for Endangered Karner Blue Butterflies & Vital Pollinators | Spirit Bombs

  1. Heather Shea Ginder

    Can’t wait to plant! Thank you!

  2. Nancy

    Great idea to support the flock so to speak. Packaged well and quick ship.

  3. A Clouddancing

    These marble sized bombs are perfect for throwing. Can’t wait to see them.bloom.

  4. hhammar

    Came to me as described, we shall see with time how they grow!

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