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Freshly cut 2 bulb red and white amaryllis

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Soil- TypeWell-draining soil for best results.

Moisture Needs-Moderate to Low Watering

PRODUCT: Includes 2 Amaryllis flower bulb per pack Images of flowers are for reference only, it is not a cut flower.

EASY TO GROW: These festive flowers are among the easiest to grow, requiring little more than sunlight and occasional watering.

FLOWERING SEASON: Expect your Amaryllis to bloom 4 to 8 weeks after initial planting. Outdoor growing zones are 9-11. In colder zones, Amaryllis can be kept indoor year-round or brought outdoors past frost.

8 reviews for Freshly cut 2 bulb red and white amaryllis

  1. Anonymous

    It’s so freaking cute!! GF loves it

  2. Haily

    I’m sorry about that I’m glad you were able to fix it , enjoy it.

  3. Moxxie

    That’s awesome thanks

  4. Anonymous

    This little guy is adorable! Such great quality as well! Exactly what I was looking for!

  5. Anonymous


  6. Keziah

    One of the chain links fells off but I fixed it pretty quick with some pliers and didn’t have any other issues. It was exactly what I wanted and perfect! I love using it to drink my tea

  7. Anonymous

    That’s awesome thanks for the review.

  8. Leo

    So stinking cute. Such a cute idea and I really love it. Fits my aesthetic perfectly.

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