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Clearance – 1 Amaryllis Temptation Flower Bulb from Easy to Grow

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– Sourced from professional farmers and growers by Easy to Grow, an American company.

– Includes: 1 bulb per pack. Any accessories, decorative pots, etc. that may be shown to showcase the product are not included.

– Please Note: In order to protect the integrity of the plant, we do not ship bulbs that are currently in flower. All Amaryllis bulbs shipped were kept in dormancy and will bloom anywhere from 30-60 days after planting, depending on the variety and environmental factors.

White & Ruby Heart Amaryllis For Sale ‘ Amaryllis Temptation

We found Amaryllis Temptation bulbs for sale because a friend came to us after seeing the bulb in bloom and asked us to find some for her! Once we researched more about this gorgeous Amaryllis, we agreed it was quite something.

This splashy beauty deserves a prime place in the holiday lineup. Large white flowers are brushed with broad strokes of deep red across the centers and often, around the petal edges, too. Just gorgeous.

Plant in late fall for holiday blooms. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Enjoy as a houseplant after it finishes flowering.

Easy to Grow Features

* 18-24 inches tall

* White flowers with deep red centers and petal edges

* Flowers in 40-60 days indoors and mid spring outdoors

* 28-30 cm bulb

* Full sun to light shade outdoors, bright light indoors

* Zones 8b-10 outdoors, anywhere indoors

4 reviews for Clearance – 1 Amaryllis Temptation Flower Bulb from Easy to Grow

  1. Kimberly Sellers

    Bulb came well intact and healthy.

  2. Cassandre

    The seed has started to grow within a week. The plant looks healthy and strong in such a short time. I am well pleased.

  3. Susan Drescher

    Six beautiful blooms – looked as advertised.

  4. Fatima Hussain

    Huge flowers on two strong spikes

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