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2pc Real Hippeastrum Bulbs, Amaryllis Bulbs

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Butterfly-like flowers are lime green to white with maroon veins radiating out from the center. Miniature amaryllis have all the wonderful qualities of their larger relatives; however, they produce a larger number of smaller flowers per stem and more stems per plant. The coloration of these miniature varieties is quite rare in amaryllis today. These novelties are sure to please and will provide brilliant color indoors during those dreary winter days. Note: You will receive large-size bulbs, but the bulbs will not be as big as our regular amaryllis as this variety does not grow as large.

4 reviews for 2pc Real Hippeastrum Bulbs, Amaryllis Bulbs

  1. Hung

    I’m pleased with the order

  2. Deborah

    Excited that shipping was fast. Bulbs size are as expected. Concern abt all the white powder and yellow wax on bulbs. Wait and see 👀 surprised..thank you

  3. Frances Martinez

    It’s hard to rate a plant you haven’t grown yet. The bulbs were in good shape.

  4. Frances Martinez

    It’s a beautiful flower. I can’t wait to watch it grow.

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