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Naked lady bulbs (5)

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Most beautiful vibrant pink flower comes from this bulb! 5 come in an order. Bulbs are pretty large! Love lots of sun. Propagate each year!

7 reviews for Naked lady bulbs (5)

  1. Rebecca Falin

    Such a wonderful flower! Thank you for your order and support!

  2. Ashton Prespentt

    Bulbs arrived in good condition, was given speedy and helpful advice when asked. Can’t WAIT to add these to my garden!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Cannot wait for these to grow and bloom. Very happy w/all aspects of my purchase.

  4. Ann

    Beautiful, healthy bulbs arrived quickly. Bulbs ranged from normal to massive in size. The largest were bigger than my three year old bulbs that I recently moved to a new bed. Very satisfied.

  5. Anonymous

    Awesome! we love to hear that you are so happy with your order! This is such a gorgeous flower and hope they flourish in your garden!

  6. Anonymous

    So glad to see you are a satisfied customer! Thank you so much for your support to my shop!

  7. Melissa Kauk

    Coming up nicely! Even got a few small calla lillies added to the order.

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