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Seed Bombs, Easy to grow, Pollinator-friendly, Song bird-friendly, Gardening gifts, Party favors, 12 Per Order

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🌱 Handmade Seed Bombs 🌼

🌻All Natural: Our seed bombs are made with all natural materials, from the locally harvested clay to the hand-selected high quality seeds, ensuring we deliver what we would want in our own garden.

🌱 Easy Planting: Simply toss the seed bombs into your garden or a planter, and let nature do the rest.

🌼 Diverse Blooms: Enjoy a stunning variety of flowers, attracting pollinators and adding charm to your space.

🌿 Handmade with Love: Each seed bomb is crafted with care, ensuring a unique and thoughtful addition to your gardening experience.

🌼🌸Mini Meadow mix:


Pot Marigold

Showy Baby’s Breath

Common Zinnia

Chinese Aster

Painted Daisy

Garden Cosmos

Aztec Marigold


Love in a Mist


Indian Blanket


Blue Thimble Flower

Gloriosa Daisy

Love Lies Bleeding

Silver Cock’s Comb

Common Poppy

Elegant Clarkia

Golden Tickseed

🦋🐝Beneficial Insect and Pollinator Mix:

Butterfly Milkweed

New England Aster

Tahoka Daisy

Partridge Pea

Lanceleaf tickseed

Golden tickseed



Garden cosmos

Purple Coneflower

Clasping Coneflower

Upright Prairie Flower

Blue cornflower

California Poppy

Common Poppy

Common Blanketflower

Common Sunflower

Lewis Flax

Sky Lupine

Wild Lupine

Arroyo Lupine

Lemon Beebalm

Wild bergamot

Desert Bluebells

Blue Tansy

Crimson clover

Black eyed Susan


Hairy vetch


Shasta Daisy

Lace Flowers

Sweet alyssum


🐦‍⬛🪺Songbird Habitat Mix:

Love Lies Bleeding



Lanceleaf Tickseed

Garden Cosmos

Doubtful Knight’s Spur

Purple Coneflower

California Poppy

common poppy

common sunflower

Proso Millet

Black Eyed Susan

Perfect for:

🏡 Home Gardens

🌼 Gifts for Garden Enthusiasts

🎁 Eco-Friendly Party Favors

Embrace the joy of gardening and support biodiversity with our seed bombs. Add a splash of color to your world, one seed ball at a time! 🌈

6 reviews for Seed Bombs, Easy to grow, Pollinator-friendly, Song bird-friendly, Gardening gifts, Party favors, 12 Per Order

  1. Anonymous

    I’m excited for Spring. Even though we’re under tons of snow here in Alaska!
    These are so nifty! Very cool. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for your feedback! Stay warm ❤️

  3. Nancy Gigliotti

    thank you for your awesome review! come back any time ❤️

  4. chau nguyen

    Shipping was super fast. Seller were super helpful and responsive. It came in perfect condition!

  5. Jacqueline

    This item met my expectations

  6. Lucy Lee

    Product received in great quality and condition. This is the second time I order from them as I had great experience with this shop the first time. Seller’s super nice and responded very quickly each time. 🌿🌱🌱
    Highly recommend! Will be shopping again!

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