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Organo Republic 12 Culinary Herbs Seeds Variety Pack – Heirloom, Non-GMO, Herbs Seeds for Outdoor and Indoor – Home Gardening. Over 3500+ ..

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Explore the exceptional selection of 12 Culinary Herb Seeds at Organo Republic, catering to both budding and seasoned gardeners. Our commitment to eco-responsibility is reflected in the careful curation of non GMO heirloom seeds, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant garden.

What seed packets does our 12 Herb Seeds Variety Pack include?

Italian Genovese Basil Seeds – 400 | Lemon Basil Seeds – 250

Purple Basil Seeds – 250 | Dill Seeds – 400

Cilantro Seeds – 200 | Chives Seeds – 200

Chervil Seeds – 300 | Italian Parsley Seeds – 500

Sage Seeds – 75 | Lemon Balm Seeds – 200

Thai, Licorice Basil Seeds – 250 | Oregano Seeds – 500

Why our seeds are the best:

Non GMO Heirloom Herb Seeds: At Organo Republic, we prioritize eco-responsibility, ensuring that our herb seeds, including oregano seeds, sage seeds, dill seeds, cilantro seeds, chives seeds, and lemon balm seeds, are all true heirloom varieties.

High Germination Rate: We conduct exhaustive germination tests on our houseplant seeds to guarantee that a significant proportion of the garden seeds you sow will successfully sprout and flourish, yielding an abundant herb garden.

Fresh Herb Seeds: Selecting high-quality rare seeds hinges on freshness, and we exclusively offer the freshest options. Any unused plant seeds can be stored for future growing seasons while maintaining their viability.

Innovative Packaging: Our sustainable seed packets are designed with resealable features, providing optimal storage conditions to shield your herb seeds from sunlight, moisture, and pests.

Sourced in the USA: Proudly “home-grown,” Organo Republic is based in the United States, and we exclusively source our herb seeds from reputable U.S. growers and suppliers, supporting local agriculture.

Community Trusted: Thousands of gardeners stand by the quality and performance of our herb seeds. We’re excited for you to cultivate your dream herb garden with them!

Perfect Garden Gifts: Our seeds are not only a means to create a flourishing garden but also make for wonderful garden gifts. Whether you’re gifting them to a fellow gardening enthusiast or someone new to the world of plants, our non-GMO heirloom seeds are a thoughtful and eco-conscious present. Share the joy of gardening with a perfect garden gift, and let the beauty of nature grow in the hearts of your loved ones.

Whether you choose culinary herb seeds indoors or outdoors, our versatile collection offers an array of flavorful possibilities. Our garden seeds empower you to enjoy the freshest herbs in your dishes while contributing to eco-friendly gardening practices. Start your herb gardening journey with us and savor the difference in every culinary masterpiece.

4 reviews for Organo Republic 12 Culinary Herbs Seeds Variety Pack – Heirloom, Non-GMO, Herbs Seeds for Outdoor and Indoor – Home Gardening. Over 3500+ ..

  1. Eva Jurado

    Happy with the product received.

  2. Kylie Johnston

    I got it for my mom it is a great gift or something for yourself. She is excited to start growing

  3. Laura Keaton

    I can’t wait to start growing!!

  4. Jonna

    Quick shipment and packed nicely!

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