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Midnight Oil Blue Sunflower Seeds – 50PCs/Pack – Rare Bonsai Black Hybrid for a Colorful and Organic Garden

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Elevate your garden with the enchanting allure of Midnight Oil Blue Sunflower Seeds. Each pack contains 50 rare bonsai black hybrid seeds, promising a burst of vibrant and colorful blooms. These seeds are not just a unique addition to your garden but also an invitation to embark on a fulfilling gardening journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to turning these seeds into a thriving garden:

Make Your Seed to Garden Guide:

Choose the Right Containers:

Select containers that are at least 2-3″ deep with drainage holes.

DIY options include yogurt cups, milk cartons, or paper cups.

The “Potting Soil”:

Use potting soil specifically designed for growing seedlings.

Avoid garden soil or reused potting soil to ensure a fresh, disease-free start.


Sprinkle small seeds on the soil surface; bury larger seeds.

Moisten the newly planted seeds.

Speed up germination by covering pots with wet paper or a plastic dome. Remove the cover once the first signs of green appear.

Watering, Feeding, Repeating:

Keep the soil moist but not soggy as seedlings grow.

Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Regularly feed the seedlings with liquid fertilizer.


Provide abundant light, either with natural sunlight or grow lights.

Set lights on a timer for 15 hours a day.

Rotate pots to prevent leaning, and adjust light height as seedlings grow taller.

Move to Outdoors:

Gradually transition seedlings outdoors over a week or 10 days.

Start with a few hours in a protected spot, gradually increasing sun exposure.

Consider a cold frame for a controlled transition from indoor to outdoor environments.

Immerse yourself in the joy of gardening as you watch Midnight Oil Blue Sunflowers bloom into a spectacular and organic display in your garden.

4 reviews for Midnight Oil Blue Sunflower Seeds – 50PCs/Pack – Rare Bonsai Black Hybrid for a Colorful and Organic Garden

  1. Beth

    This item arrived on time and in great shape!

  2. Jaclyn Cook

    Can’t grade it on quality yet til I plant but I’m looking forward to my favorite color along with my favorite flower

  3. Janice

    Shipping was fast and can’t wait to plant and watch them grow!

  4. Jessica Allen

    Planted three seeds so far and 1 of the three have sprouted. Only been about a week and half, hoping the rest will sprout soon.

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