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Groundnut (Apios americana) Tubers For Planting 2 oz (5+ propagules) FREE SHIPPING

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An improved variety, this plant makes strings of walnut-sized tubers in the first season. A legume native to North America, it was valued by Natives and early settlers. Henry David Thoreau wrote about it in Walden! The tubers are delicious, like a firm, dry potato, with very high protein. Great for adding to stews or roasting with other root veges. Also good boiled and mashed.

Tubers may be planted directly into prepared soil or started in small pots. It will sprout quickly at 75-85 deg and sends up thin vines which quickly tangle around each other, so provide a little support stick and don’t start too early! They are easiest to harvest in a raised bed, but I’ve found that tubers get larger in good garden soil. They also are suited to container growing, provided it is large enough to not dry out quickly. They should be given a short 2-3 ft trellis to climb on and like full sun but tolerate shade. They are well-suited to an ornamental bed, with dark-green foliage and pretty wisteria-like flowers in late summer.

They are naturally found growing wild near creekbanks and other moist places, but their delicate vines are often overlooked. The tubers get larger if allowed to grow for 2 seasons. This year I averaged 12 oz yield per plant after one year with plants spaced about 18 inches each way in full sun. Tubers produced in Morgantown, WV. provides the following note: A percentage of the population react to eating groundnuts with gastrointestinal issues – the percentage of people affected has been reported as anywhere from 9-25%. If you are allergic to latex, don’t eat groundnuts. Cooking methods may affect digestibility, and if groundnuts are new to you then begin with small serving sizes.

4 reviews for Groundnut (Apios americana) Tubers For Planting 2 oz (5+ propagules) FREE SHIPPING

  1. Ben West

    Nice products as always 🙂

  2. Cory

    Great shop and great varieties.

  3. Jan Kruse

    great received items on time was able to plant on time

  4. Vicky C

    Came quickly and in good condition. One is starting to grow.

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