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Blue Eye F1 Pumpkin Seeds – Create Stunning Autumn Displays-Uniformity, Elegance, and Unmatched Blue Beauty-Powdery Mildew Resistant!

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How pretty are these?!? Elevate your pumpkin patch and make a statement with the exquisite beauty of these unique blue pumpkins with our Blue Eyes F1 pumpkin seeds! These are no ordinary pumpkins; they are a testament to nature’s artistry. Each Blue Eye F1 pumpkin is generously sized, boasting a large, flat, and impeccably shiny appearance. The prominent ribbing adds to their visual intrigue, making them a standout in any display. The medium blue hue gives these pumpkins a distinctive character, but what truly sets them apart is their glossy, ultra-smooth rind.

This hallmark of quality and elegance makes them truly breathtaking. Measuring an average fruit width of 12 inches and standing at an average height of 8 inches, Blue Eye F1 pumpkins offer a harmonious balance between size and aesthetics. Each pumpkin proudly showcases its medium blue color and smooth texture, ensuring a level of uniformity that is both visually appealing and simplifies its integration into your seasonal displays and culinary creations. Compared to their counterpart, Blue Delight F1, Blue

Eye F1 pumpkins hold the advantage of uniformity. With these pumpkins, you can be confident that every pumpkin in your harvest will have consistent medium blue coloration and a smooth, flawless texture. Whether you use them for decorative stacking or culinary delights, these pumpkins are bound to be the star of your autumn showcase. Not only do these pumpkins enhance your garden or autumn decor, but they also offer the perfect canvas for your fall creativity. Blue Eye F1 pumpkin seeds bring a touch of elegance and uniformity to your garden, ensuring a stunning harvest. Whether you’re crafting decorative displays or culinary masterpieces, these pumpkins are the epitome of perfection. Give your pumpkin patch the makeover it deserves with Blue Eye F1 pumpkins!

Maturity Days: 90-100

5 reviews for Blue Eye F1 Pumpkin Seeds – Create Stunning Autumn Displays-Uniformity, Elegance, and Unmatched Blue Beauty-Powdery Mildew Resistant!

  1. Michelle Dodge

    Item arrived quickly. Looking forward to planting this.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much Erika, you’re going to love these! Have an amazing season. 🙂

  3. Beth

    This item was beautifully packaged and labeled! I was so pleased with this! I am very excited for planting time!

  4. Cynthia Moore Taylor

    Delivered as promised. Photo when they grow. It is too early in our growing season to plant.

  5. Erika Patterson

    Great seeds to work with.

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