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Acacia Podalyriifolia ( Mount Morgan Wattle ), 25 Seeds

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Acacia podalyriifolia is a perennial tree which is fast-growing and widely cultivated. It is native to Australia but is also naturalised in Malaysia, Africa, India and South America. Its uses include environmental management and it is also used as an ornamental tree. It is very closely related to Acacia uncifera. It grows to about 5 m (16 feet) in height and about the same in total width. It blooms during winter.

Common names for it are Mount Morgan wattle, Queensland silver wattle, Queensland wattle, pearl acacia, pearl wattle and silver wattle. It is hardy to 25 degrees F.

The tall shrub or small tree typically reached a height and width of around 2 to 6 m (6 ft 7 in to 19 ft 8 in). Like most species of Acacia it has phyllodes rather than true leaves. It has grey coloured, smooth or finely fissured bark with terete and hairy branchlets that are often covered with a fine white powdery coating. The silver-grey to grey-green coloured phyllodes have a broadly elliptic to ovate shape and a length of 2 to 5 cm (0.79 to 1.97 in) and a width of 10 to 25 mm (0.39 to 0.98 in) and have hairs on margins and a prominent midvein. It blooms throughout they year producing simple inflorescences in groups of 8 to 22 along an axillary raceme with an axis length of 2 to 11 cm (0.79 to 4.33 in) with spherical flower-heads that have a diameter of 5 to 8 mm (0.20 to 0.31 in) and contain 15 to 30 bright golden flowers.

First, check that the seed is viable by placing it in water. Any floating seeds will not produce seedlings and should be removed.

Place seeds in a cup and pour boiling water over them. Let stand until water cools then pour out water and replace with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let seeds soak in peroxide for 24 hours. This helps soften the tough exterior and enhance germination.

Once these steps have been taken, place each seed on moistened paper towels in plastic bags. Cover with another moistened paper towel. Put the bags in a darkened, warm location and check daily for signs of sprouting, generally in two to three weeks.

When you see seeds begin to germinate, make up a batch of potting medium. You may choose to use purchased seed starter mixture or make your own. A blend of sifted compost with fine river sand is one mixture recommended. You can also simply use straight compost. Good results have been shown with one part each compost, sawdust, shredded pine bark, and soil. It is important the medium drains freely when sowing acacia seeds. Pre-moisten the selected medium. Use 2 inch (5 cm.) containers with several drainage holes and plant sprouted seeds at the same depth as the size of the seeds, gently pressing the soil over the sprouts.

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