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100+ Red Cypress Vine Seeds

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You will get 1 or 2 seed packets that include at least 100 total seeds.

These were meticulously harvested with love and care. They are seeds from the cypress vines I planted Summer 2022.

It produces dainty and beautiful red flowers. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them! I grew only 4 seeds along our fence and each plant flourished, thrived (it’s last month of production was October). You can get 100+ seeds from just one plant.

Once the flowers drop, stems turn dark brown, and the pods dry up, you can harvest the little black seeds from each pod. From just a few flowers, you’ll be able to multiply your seeds for years to come. Water the seedlings often and plant in a sunny spot with a trellis or along a fence.

4 reviews for 100+ Red Cypress Vine Seeds

  1. Reva

    These seeds were sent in a timely manner and packaged well. My mom loved this plant and always had it trailing up a wire panel. Such a beautiful and delicate plant

  2. Jacquie Laraway

    beautiful seeds whipped very quickly

  3. Cindy

    Seller sent the sweetest packaging little tan envelope that says Let love grow. Also sent a package of marigold seeds as an extra little gift. I have a huge cypress vine in my back yard that I’ve collected seeds from, was always giving them away as a blessing to friends & family. I finally ran out and wanted to start another one for myself, there were 60 seeds in the packet more than enough. I planted half and already have a vine growing in a pot on my front porch getting ready to climb the iron rod. My little hummingbirds will be so happy for an extra place to fed, this one I will winter over in the basement and plant the others next summer in the yard on a trellis. Thank you so much.

  4. Deanna

    Very well packaged. Looking forward to planting.

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