The History of what’s the difference between lo mein and chow mein


Lo mein is typically the least expensive Chinese-style meal, but still is one of the most expensive. Chow mein was created in the United States in the late 20th century and is a type of fast food.

As with the others, you can use a Chinese-style meal to prepare a meal. You can also use chopsticks to make a meal as a snack. There are some dishes that can be eaten with chopsticks, such as the bean stew you will find in the chow mein.

Because chopsticks are so cheap in China, you can buy them at a bargain price. But chow mein’s price is much more expensive than chopsticks. The chow mein is usually priced above $20, whereas the bean stew is priced well above $15.

What’s the difference between a chow mein and a chow mein dish? A chow mein is a large plate of soup with a variety of meats, vegetables and other goodies you can add. One of the most common dishes in China is a chow mein. Chow mein is a dish that can be made with just noodles and some vegetables. The noodles can be bought at most Chinese grocery stores.

If you can’t find a chow mein, then it’s called a chow mein. If you can’t find a chow mein, then it’s called a chow mein dish. A chow mein dish is a dish that gets its name from the fact that it contains a variety of ingredients. Because you can make a chow mein all in one dish, it’s just not a good thing for you.

The Chinese version of the chow mein is called a chow mein. It’s the same dish as the one we bought in Vietnam, but it has a bit more flavor and more flavor contrast. In this case, if you buy it online, you’ll find it’s made with noodles, vegetables, and herbs.

In America, the chow mein dish is much more common. Chows are generally made with rice and all the other ingredients you’d find in a standard bowl of noodles, and it is a dish that most American homes have at least once a week, at least. Most people would be amazed to learn that chow mein is made entirely out of noodles. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from trying it if you’re the adventurous type.

The chow mein dish isnt the only reason you should try it. Its also a very common dish in Asian countries. It is basically the same dish you would have in the Middle East, but made with noodles instead of rice. It is made by mixing a lot of spices, with a very thin noodle. The only difference is the noodles are made entirely out of noodles.

Chow mein is one of the most basic dishes in Chinese cuisine. The noodles in it are made out of rice. It is usually served as a soup. It has a few differences though. The noodles are usually not cooked as long, and the soup is usually a thicker version with a little broth or a combination of broth and noodles. Some people also add some vegetables to it. The noodles are made from rice and it is cooked in a way that it wont be soggy.

While both of these meals are delicious, chow mein is more often eaten at a formal dining table and chopsticks are used to eat the noodles. Lo mein is served at a casual restaurant, with your hands only. Many restaurants will even serve you the noodle soup as a side dish.



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