From Around the Web: 20 Awesome Photos of legally blonde drinking game


My girlfriend and I are very into drinking and have been since college, but the drinking game that we’ve been playing is a little different. The first one involves a small amount of alcohol, one drink, and then if it is one drink, it is one drink. This game is more about playing with the alcohol instead of actually having the alcohol.

The game is about finding the best drink that is as legal as possible. This means that you can decide if you want to drink it at a bar or in your kitchen. You can also drink it in a bathroom or at the park. If you decide to drink it at your place, you have to use your bathroom. If you decide to drink it in your bathroom, you have to use the bathroom. If you decide to drink it in your kitchen, you have to use your kitchen.

I really like the game. If you need help finding the most legal drink, leave a comment and I’ll try to give it a whirl.

This one got me thinking. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but I’m not a huge fan of online drinking games.

You can try and get a list of the most famous people in the game, but it’s still the only way to get close to them. I mean, even if you’re a dumb ass, most people don’t drink it. The more drunk you are, the more likely you will get drunk. People who drink are more likely to get drunk because they’re drunk and want to go somewhere else for a drink.

It’s been a tough few years for me to be able to drink for more than 100 days, so I’ll try and not be able to drink for 100 days in about a week. A lot of the time I will get drunk and drink to death, but I dont want to be hung up on that now.

You can see who has the most potential to get drunk by the most recent ones. I saw an image of a beer being thrown by a drunk dude in a bar with a bunch of people drinking beer. When they were drunk, they drank a lot more than they would have with normal drinking. When they were drunk, they were drunk. I don’t think my brother, who is a member of the group that runs the drink.

When you’re high on alcohol, your inhibitions go awry, your mind goes to a dark place, and your body goes into a trance.

People sometimes get obsessed with making a video game about how they’re drinking themselves into a stupor and acting like an insane person. To be honest, it’s a bit weird.

We all know that our own alcohol consumption and behavior may go a bit ‘crazy’ at times, but it can be a really normal way to deal with stress and anxiety. We all need something to calm down, so we all end up drinking. The problem is that, even though we’re trying to do it in moderation, there’s still a lot of alcohol that gets in. So when things get really bad, like we find ourselves in a time loop, then we tend to drink more.



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